Thursday, December 11, 2008

Water Warning: Macy, Nebraska Residents Claiming Water Contaminated with E-Coli

A report on is reporting that residents living in Macy, Nebraska, say they haven't had access to clean water for up to 4 weeks.

The Tribal Utilities department held a community meeting on December 10th (2008) to discuss their "water problem." The meeting was closed to the media, but many residents KTIV spoke with say the water is contaminated with e-coli bacteria.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Learn how Ionized Alkaline Water can Help You Lose Weight!

Research by Dr. Robert O. Young, author of The pH Miracle for Weight Loss, shows that the epidemic of obesity in the industrialized world is result of acidity in the body.

The body creates fat cells to trap and neutralize acids in the system.

  • The modern diet of meats, grains, and beverages such as coffee, tea, soft drinks and alcohol is extremely acidic.

  • Some acids are voided through urination, defecation, and perspiration, but many acids remain in the system.

  • Excess acids in the body break down healthy tissue, so the body protects itself by creating a natural buffer of fat.

  • Fat cells bind to acids. Some fat cells are voided from the system, but many fat cells are stored in the body, resulting in weight gain.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Learn How Water Ionizers Work

Figuring out which Water Purifier is best for you can be a daunting task of learning all the different types of filtration. Here is some information on Water "Ionizers" which turns normal water into Ionized Alkaline Water which has MANY Benefits to your health! Click the link above to learn more.

Friday, November 14, 2008

How Alkaline (Ionized) Water Can Benefit Your Teeth and Breath

How Alkaline Water can Benefit Teeth and Fight Bacteria

Drinking alkaline water not only is good for your health, but it also freshens your breath, according to dental researchers in Canada. "The main cause of bad breath is bacteria in the mouth," reports Anne Bosy, a Toronto scientist specializing in breath treatment. Since bacteria feed on acids, controlling their numbers is as easy as changing the pH in the mouth. "Anything that's high in alkaline is good for neutralizing the acids in the mouth," says Tammy Gouweloos, a dental hygienist with a holistic approach to oral health.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

UK Royal Navy Leaks Radioactive Material into River

UK Royal Navy Spills 62 Gallons of Radioactive Material in River
Radioactive liquid spilled into a river during maintenance work on a nuclear submarine, the Ministry of Defense has confirmed. The Royal Navy said up to 280 liters (62 gallons) of contaminated water spilled from a ruptured hose as it was used to pump out coolant from HMS Trafalgar at the Devonport Naval Base in Plymouth.

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just Added: Heaters! Stay Warm This Winter!

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blueair Room Air Purifiers Just Added!

Just added today, Blueair HEPASilent Air Purifiers! Check out the product line up at

More Blueair Products will be added soon including a Reverse Osmosis System!

Blueair HEPA Air Purifiers
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Boil Water Advisory in Perry County, Kentucky

A boil water advisory for parts of Perry County, Kentucky has been issued according to Local media station WKYT (.com)

Officials say a Hazard Water System main water line broke and now the water could be contaminated. Residents of Middle Fork of Maces Creek from the pump station to Twin Rocks Bible Camp are urged to boil their water before consuming it. The advisory will stay in effect until they know the water is safe. We will keep you posted!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Atmospheric Water Generator

Just Added! The Dolphin T16 Atmospheric Water Generator by Air2Water. This product is revolutionary!

Atmospheric Water Generator
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Acting similar to a dehumidifier it gathers moisture from the air (filtering the air also) and runs it through a filtration system. Calling it a dehumidifier is like calling a rolls royce just a car! The Dolphin produces the purest water on the planet!*
(*According to testing done by the San Antonio Testing Laboratory, Inc. , stating; "San Antonio testing clients include many cities, municipalities and bottled water companies. In our 16 years of analysis, this water is without a doubt the purest water we have ever tested.")

The Dolphin Filtration Systems utilizes:
  • Recirculation and Delivery Pump

  • Sediment Filter

  • Carbon Filter

  • Pressure Gauges

  • Germicidal Ultraviolet Unit (UV Lamp for 99.9% Bacteria Sterilization)

  • Ozone injection

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Solar Powered Cherub Angel Added

Check Out The New Solar Powered Cherub by Sol-Air, An Advanced Pure Living company.

This Guardian Angel for your Yard or Garden stands 14" Tall and it's crackled glass orb rotates 3 different colors! Red to Blue to Green!

Solar Powered Angel
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Map Shows High Risk of Cancer in Long Beach, California

A New map released early this september (2008) shows that air quality in the Long Beach area of California is highly contaminated with carcinogens. Please click the picture below for the full story.

California Air Quality
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Uranium Found in New Hampshire Companies Water Supply

The Lakes Region Water Company has been charged with knowingly supplying customers with water contaminated with Uranium. Go to to learn more.

Solar Powered Halloween Lights

Solar Powered Halloween Light

Check out some of the cool new solar powered halloween lights we have added! Just in time for Halloween!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Water Warning: Denver, Colorado

Water Warning: Denver, Colorado - March 2008

A suspected salmonella outbreak in the water has left more than 100 people sick in Alamosa. Forty-seven people have confirmed cases of salmonella, and another 76 people with symptoms are awaiting the results of clinical tests. Five people remain hospitalized.

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Boil Water Advisory for Sarasota, Florida

A precautionary boil water advisory has been issued for an area on the west side of U.S. 41 from Worthington to Field, due to a spontaneous water main break that occurred late Tuesday, March 4.

Sarasota County Utilities crews have repaired the break, which affected several medical centers and restaurants, and have notified residents and businesses by automated telephone calls.
While the county has no reason to believe the drinking water was contaminated, Florida law requires that drinking water providers issue precautionary boil water advisories to customers affected by pressure losses in water mains.

While the advisory is in effect, the county advises affected customers to boil all tap water intended for drinking, preparation of food, washing of food utensils or for first aid, making sure the water is brought to a rolling boil for one minute. Boiling the tap water disinfects it, destroying any harmful microorganisms. Bottled water can be used as an alternative to boiling the tap water.

Over the next few days, the county will collect a series of samples in the affected area and analyze them to ensure the drinking water wasn't contaminated by potentially harmful bacteria during the service interruption. Once the county has completed its analysis, a process that normally takes two to three days, customers will notified by another automated telephone call that the boil water advisory has been cancelled.

For more information, contact Sarasota County Utilities Customer Service at 861-6790.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Air Pollution Advisory: Minnesota

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has issued an air pollution health advisory for the southern two-thirds of Minnesota, including the Twin Cities metro area.

The MPCA says fine particles are near an unhealthy level for sensitive groups in the Rochester area. Levels are lower but approaching unhealthy for sensitive groups in the rest of the southern half of the state, including the Twin Cities.

Sensitive groups include people with heart or lung disease, children and athletes.

The advisory is in effect through Monday. The MPCA says air quality is expected to improve as weather conditions bring winds early next week.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Water Warning: Possible Water Contamination in Southern Missouri

Southern Missouri residents need to take precautions with their drinking water because it may have been affected by electrical power disruptions caused by the latest winter ice storm, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources is warning.

Due to the severe winter weather in the southern half of the state over the past few days, some public water systems have experienced low water pressure and, in some instances, complete water outages, the department explains in a news release.

The cause may be loss of power to pump water to people's homes or water lines breaking due to the extremely cold weather. Low pressure and broken lines allow contaminants to enter drinking water, so people in these situations need to consider boiling their drinking water.

While loss of pressure does not necessarily mean the water has been contaminated, it does mean there is the potential that contamination inside houses, businesses and factories could flow backward into the water system and be carried to customers. The normal pressure of the water supply system would prevent this contamination.

Boil Water Procedures

� Boil water vigorously for three minutes prior to use. Use only boiled water for drinking, brushing teeth, diluting fruit juices and all other food preparation or consumption. Use of bottled water may be a feasible, though relatively expensive, alternative to boiling tap water when under a boil water order.

� Do not use ice from a household automatic icemaker or use any ice made with un-boiled water from this system. Make ice cubes with water that has been boiled or purchase ice.

� Disinfect dishes and other food contact surfaces by immersing for at least one minute in clean tap water that contains one teaspoon of unscented household bleach per gallon of water.

�Allow water to cool sufficiently before drinking.Water used for hand washing or bathing does not generally need to be boiled. Supervision of children is necessary while bathing to ensure they do not ingest water.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Water Warning: Contaminated Water in Fort Meyers, Florida

A boil water notice is in effect for the area of Fort Myers bordered by Maravilla Avenue on the south, Braman Avenue on the north, Nelson Street on the east and Cortez Avenue on the west until at least 1:30 p.m. today.

Routine sampling of the city of Fort Myers water system identified total coliform and the E. coli bacteria in a customer’s water sampled Friday at 1810 Passaic Ave.; the finding was confirmed Saturday at 1820 Passaic Ave.

These bacteria can make you sick and are a particular concern for people with weakened immune systems. Do not drink the water before boiling it first. Bring all water to a boil, let it boil for one minute and let it cool before using or use bottled water. Boiled or bottled water should be used for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes and food preparation until further notice. Boiling kills bacteria and other organisms in the water.

Fecal coliforms and E. coli are bacteria whose presence indicates that the water may be contaminated with human or animal wastes. Microbes in these wastes can cause diarrhea, cramps, nausea, headaches or other symptoms. They may pose a special health risk for infants, young children, some of the elderly and people with severely compromised immune systems. The symptoms above are not caused only by organisms in drinking water. If you experience any of these symptoms and they persist, you may want to seek medical advice. People at increased risk should seek advice about drinking water from their health care providers.

City of Fort Myers staff is working with the Health Department to determine the source of the contamination. City staff will be conducting system flushing in the affected area. Resampling for bacteria also will be conducted until the source is found.

For more information, call the city at 332-6700.

Water Warning: Contaminated Water in Kingman, Arizona

The City of Kingman is advising all residents to not give tap water to infants under 6 months old after high nitrate levels were detected in the water supply.

City officials released a statement saying that on Feb. 1st of 2008 water samples showed nitrate levels of 18.2mg/l, which is abovet the standard or maximum contaminant level of 10mg/l. A confirmation sample taken on Feb. 4th, 2008 showed nitrate levels of 4.5mg/l, which has been the average over the past 10 years. Hi nitrate levels can come from natural, industrial, or agricultural sources.

The press release says infants are at high risk of becoming ill if they drink water with high nitrate levels. Symptoms include shortness of breathe and 'blue baby' syndrome. Without treatment the illness could lead to death. Water, juice, and formula for infants should not be prepared with tap water. Use bottled water or water with low nitrate levels. Do not boil or filter the water, since these methods do not affect the nitrate level. In fact, boiling could make nitrate levels higher.

The city release also says adults and children older than 6 months can drink the tap water, but pregnant women or those with specific health concerns may want to consult a dooctor first.
The City of Kingman says the well that was found contaminated serves the downtown area and has been shut down. They will flush the well and continue to check the niutrate levels until they return to acceptable levels.

The city expects the problem to only last a few days.

We don't think ANYONE should have to boil their water! Use a water filter!

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Air Quality Warning: Minneapolis, Minnesota - February 2008

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is warning about poor air quality in the southern half of Minnesota through Wednesday.

The MPCA says air monitors in Rochester indicate that fine particles are at an unhealthy level for some sensitive groups.The agency says the levels in the Twin Cities and Marshall are lower, but approaching unhealthy levels for those groups.

The agency says sensitive groups include people with heart or lung disease, children and athletes.The agency recommends that people in the southern half of the state postpone or reduce vigorous activity that would draw the fine particles deep into the lungs.

The weather forecast calls for more winds on Wednesday, which should improve the air quality in the effected areas.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Beaches Closed for Weekend in Long Beach, California

City beaches will remain closed to recreational water activities possibly until the weekend following a raw sewage spill Tuesday that contaminated the Los Angeles River, city officials said Wednesday.

All beaches from 3rd Place in western Long Beach to 72nd Place on the Peninsula at the city's southeastern edge will be closed for swimming and other recreational water activities until coastal waters are deemed safe.

The spill near downtown L.A. dumped 73,000 gallons of raw sewage into the river, but it may not have a dramatic effect on water safety along Long Beach's coastline.

A blocked pipe caused the spill Tuesday afternoon northeast of downtown Los Angeles, releasing an estimated 92,000 gallons of raw sewage, according to Cora Jackson-Fossett, spokeswoman for the city of Los Angeles. Of that, 19,000 gallons were contained, but 73,000 gallons entered the Los Angeles River, she said.

Further information about Long Beach's recreational water quality is available by calling 562-570-4199, or on the Web at

Water Warning: Boil Water Order for Walkersville, Maryland

2,500 households in Frederick County maryland are being affected by contaminated water. A boil water order has been issued and no set date has been stated as to when the order will end.

Storage tanks towering over Walkersville are holding the contaminated water. A local dairy farm said that a runoff of manure had seeped into the ground water system causing the contamination. Officials say it could take MONTHS to clear the contamination completely, we will keep you updated!

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