Thursday, January 31, 2008

Beaches Closed for Weekend in Long Beach, California

City beaches will remain closed to recreational water activities possibly until the weekend following a raw sewage spill Tuesday that contaminated the Los Angeles River, city officials said Wednesday.

All beaches from 3rd Place in western Long Beach to 72nd Place on the Peninsula at the city's southeastern edge will be closed for swimming and other recreational water activities until coastal waters are deemed safe.

The spill near downtown L.A. dumped 73,000 gallons of raw sewage into the river, but it may not have a dramatic effect on water safety along Long Beach's coastline.

A blocked pipe caused the spill Tuesday afternoon northeast of downtown Los Angeles, releasing an estimated 92,000 gallons of raw sewage, according to Cora Jackson-Fossett, spokeswoman for the city of Los Angeles. Of that, 19,000 gallons were contained, but 73,000 gallons entered the Los Angeles River, she said.

Further information about Long Beach's recreational water quality is available by calling 562-570-4199, or on the Web at

Water Warning: Boil Water Order for Walkersville, Maryland

2,500 households in Frederick County maryland are being affected by contaminated water. A boil water order has been issued and no set date has been stated as to when the order will end.

Storage tanks towering over Walkersville are holding the contaminated water. A local dairy farm said that a runoff of manure had seeped into the ground water system causing the contamination. Officials say it could take MONTHS to clear the contamination completely, we will keep you updated!

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